Patient Testimonials

I have gone to Dr. Hutcheson for about 10 years. He is amazing and I would recommend him for anyone looking to stop pain and increase range of motion.  I have had chronic and acute injuries.  Dr. Hutcheson does a great job listening to your description of how/when/why it happened so he can  best treat you.  Excellent provider!
— Carrie Sioberg
I highly recommend Chiropractic Health Solutions.  Over the years, I have sought treatment for back and neck pain due to sports injuries and work related injury.  Dr. Hutcheson is very caring and empathetic.   He was always very thorough in his treatment including the use of massage and chiropractic adjustment.  These treatments have always brought pain relief and a return to wellness without surgery or painkillers, something I sought to avoid.
— Daniel Chilton
I have been a patient of Dr. Hutcheson for almost 10 years and he is the most caring chiropractic physician I have ever been to. He has treated me for low back pain and pinched nerves many times during that period and has never failed to help me by relieving my pain. He is a great listener and a really nice guy. I appreciate his talents, he can tell right away with just a touch where I am in my recovery and within a few visits he always fixes me up and gives good advice on how to stay healthy without being obtrusive. I recommend Dr. Alan Hutcheson of Chiropractic Health Solutions very highly, if you are in pain I urge you to make an appointment with him and start feeling better soon !
— Todd Ennis
Dr. Hutcheson is attentive and very helpful. He has helped me with so many different ailments from upper to lower  back pain.
He is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would never go anywhere else!
— Joseph Foley
I have been going to Dr. Hutcheson off and on for over 15 years.  When I need to visit, my treatments address the problem area.  It has been nice having a Dr. Hutcheson's talents when I need them.
— Kerry Rouser
Dr. Hutcheson has helped me with lower back and neck/shoulder issues several times over more than 7 years. I had never been to a chiropractor before and was initially skeptical.  A friend recommended that I see Dr. Hutcheson. Dr. Hutcheson helped me immediately.  I have since seen him on a number of occasions for lower back pain. I am very comfortable recommending Dr. Hutcheson.
— Wayne Winstead
I was in a car accident and as a result of it immediately I started to feel headaches, neck pain, upper and lower back pain. Couldn't stay up or seated for long, had a hard time to perform at work because of the intense pain I felt. I researched for a Chiropractic and was able to find Chiropractic Health Solutions, I called and I was able to be seen by Dr Hutcheson was very knowledgeable, carrying, and provided the assistance I needed to take the pain away, his experience practicing Chiropractic Health Solutions gave me the confidence I needed to go directly to him, he worked on the areas and I now can say I don't feel the deep pain anymore, feel my neck lighter, upper and lower back lighter, feel no pain and now I am able to perform the duties properly at work without stress or pain in the neck or back pain. I highly recommend you to come and see for your self, if you are in need of Chiropractic Health Solutions services, here is where you need to come. You will be happy that you made the decision to go to Chiropractic Health Solutions! And you will receive great service, from a very experienced Chiropractor, someone that knows how to help you to find that healing and his services will bring to you the results that you are looking for.- I am very great full and pleased with this practice Thank you Dr Hutcheson
— Napoleon Cedillos